Zero Waste

Through a partnership with Rural Action and Zero Waste Event Productions, we’ll be getting down to the music in a greener style. Recycling receptacles for bottles, cans, and paper will be placed throughout the festival at Recycling Stations. Use ’em while your groovin’ to make this a greener, cleaner Boogie.

Stop by the Recycling Tent to learn more about Zero Waste Event Productions.

In addition to keeping things cleaner, Boogie on the Bricks is taking a few more steps to protect the planet. Instead of pouring beer into those throw away plastic cups, we offer reusable souvenir cups. Vendors will be able to compost their pre-consumer food waste, and all of the beer mugs will be reusable.

To make all of these efforts possible, we need some dedicated volunteers willing to rock and recycle. Volunteers get a free Boogie on the Bricks volunteer tee-shirt!